Who Are We



Lights are very basic needs of a home. Indeed, you can'tdo without them. Atthe same time,thewrongset of lighting will leave your home looking either gloomy or darkor makes it look too bright.


Choosing the right light categories is very important. Along with it, you must also look at the energy savings of the bulb you choose. So,thinking where to find all of them! Well, need not worry, we have them all!Yes, we have all sorts of lights, ranging from budget ones to the lavish ones, we have them all.


Along with it, we give you delivery, all across the nation. Our stores arelocated almost in everystate and we have franchises for courier across the borders.


Our light designs areunique in the market, and we are proud to say that we have been an undisputed dealer in it. our pieces can never be seen any where since they are designed and completely manufactured by us.


We also contribute to serving the differently abled community, hence we have talented resources thatare differently abled, and are capable of thinking out of the box and give us that unique artwork.


We are extremely happy to say thatall our artisans are extremely experienced in their field of expertise and they are passionate about their work. We have also changed our mode of business from totally offline to online. Our online stores have decked up every piece of art, whichtalks about elegance, uniqueness, creativity and much more. You will understand better when you look at them and start using them.


We also provide bulbs to the same, which are again our in-housebrand,being an energy saver, eco-friendly. We give back to the society and community that we hail from, we are sponsoringtheeducationof differently abled people, who are according tous a hidden treasure. They are extremely talented than we may think of, and we find our happiness in this small gesture.